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All in one platform

Our platform acts as your personal resume assistant, a vCard, a blog, and career companion, all in one.

  • Spend More Time on Your Career, Less on Formatting.
    Our AI Resume Assistant simplifies resume creation. Just copy and paste your unstructured resume content, and let our AI automatically organize it for you.
  • Tell Your Professional Story.
    Our built-in story feature acts as your personal blog space. Share your career experiences, insights, and updates. Every professional journey is unique. Our blog feature allows you to share your unique perspective and connect with others on a similar path.
  • Professional Resumes at Your Fingertips.
    Need a polished resume? Our Resume PDF Generation feature is at your service. Create and download professional PDFs for your job applications with a single-click.
  • Easily Keep Resume Up To Date.
    Whenever you have achieve a certain career milestone, you can easily update your resume online and keep it fresh for the next job hunting.

How it works?

Our platform is built for quick and easy generation of resume
with the help of AI and our heavy backend engineering

Enter Details

Simply copy and paste your existing or unformatted resume to our AI.


The AI will generate the resume for you which you can then edit later on.


Share your resume with your friends, employers and your social media.


Our platform is free to use! Yes that is right! It’s FREE!


Have questions? Check out our FAQ and clear your doubts!

It is free because the creator himself is using this platform and he wants to share it with the world. Although we may introduce paid option for additional features in the future, rest assured that the free plan is sufficient enough to have a resume that stands out!

Yes you can. We limit to 2 PDF resume generation per month for each account because it will consume a lot of resources on our end.

Short answer is yes you should totally use our platform. It is really meant for anyone to use to keep track of their career progression. And if you are not sure how to create a resume, this platform is exactly the reason why it is created for.

Yes! After you provision your details to the AI and brush up the inputs, it will automatically create the online resume for you that you can share in your employer, friends and even social media.

Yes, unfortunately we limit certain things to save cost and resources to ensure this platform can run for free. One of the limits is you can only run the AI assistant the first time round when you first create your resume. Second, we limit the generation of PDF resume by 2 generations per month. Lastly, we allow 100mb of storage per account. These are our current limitation, however we may increase the capacity in the future if it makes financial sense.